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Вакансия: "Intermediate JavaScript Developer (Angular)"

Работодатель:  Dev-Pro.net
E-mail данной вакансии:  jobs@dev-pro.net
Телефон:  (057) 766 4304
Должность:  Intermediate JavaScript Developer (Angular)
Регион вакансии:  Харьков
Зарплата:  от
Образование:  Высшее
Опыт работы:  от 1 до 3 лет
График работы:  полный день
Описание вакансии "Intermediate JavaScript Developer (Angular)":  Project description:
Working for a Point of Sale (POS) platform building company, we are looking to complement our team to work on project aimed for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) and retail domains.

Our client is a product company and a major player in the POS domain, which has already released several POS-platforms, Back of House management systems, data management system and a set of web applications (designed to create corporative websites), widely used in the USA by quick service restaurants.

Our flagship product - the POS - is designed to work in ""offline-first"" mode (in case of network interruptions) to create orders and synchronize with the Cloud data storage and/or other systems, supports 3d party software and can be integrated with an extensive list of hardware devices.

The end market involves well over 100,000 onsite installations. The client already has great influence on QSR industry in the USA and actively conquers European market (Spain and Great Britain in perspective).

You will have the opportunity to gain rewarding experience and be a part of the team developing the next big thing in QSR industry.

Application suite includes:
• Cross Platform (Cordova/Electron, Angular) POS app.
• Back of House Solutions (NodeJS/Angular) (reporting, payroll calculations, schedules)
• Mobile Ordering (NodeJS/AWS Lambdas)
• Configuration (NodeJS/Angular/AWS Lambdas)

Role description:
As part of the team you will be:
• Extending and integrating existing functionality for a product that is a key part in a larger Point of Sale (POS) platform infrastructure including POS, Loyalty, Analytics, Reporting tools and Back of House services;
• Conduct direct communication with the client and his team;
• Work closely with developers and quality assurance engineers;
• Proactively obtain and clarify requirements as necessary.
• Be responsible for making, discussing, approving technical decisions and having them implemented.

Required skills:
• 2+ years overall experience with JS
• 1 year of experience with Angular
• JavaScript Design Patterns
• Experience with REST API
• Experience with WebSockets
• At least Intermediate English

Desired skills:
• AWS services
• Typescript
• Experience with Angular 4
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